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ECA Working Groups - Rapid Microbiological Methods - Membership


Who can become a Member of the ECA RMM Working Group?


Everyone who is involved in the development, assessment and implementation of Rapid Microbiological Methods in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry is invited to join our group.


How to become a Member of the ECA RMM Working Group?


Membership in the ECA RMM Working Group is free of charge. The Group’s Advisory Board decides annually whether a regular membership fee is necessary to fulfil the tasks and objectives.
To become member please fill in the membership application form..


What are the benefits of the membership?


As a member of the ECA RMM Working Group you can

  • exchange your experience with other colleagues (e.g. by using the exclusive discussion forum).

  • have access to draft chapters of the Best Practice Guide on RMM’s and send comments.

  • contribute to the Best Practice Guide and the ECA European Microbiology Conference.

  • join the annual ECA European Microbiology Conference and RMM Conference with a discount of 10%

  • use the RMM database in the member area

  • comment the group’s online surveys

Further benefits will be offered to the members in the future.

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